2010 Employees Compensation Insurance Costs For Florida Lawn Care Companies

Effective The month of january 1, 2010, the present rates for employeescompensation insurance in Florida decreased by typically 6.8 percent. The speed decrease was suggested through the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) in August. Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty released your final order on October 26 to approve the amended rate filings. This is actually the seventh annual consecutive stop by employeescompensation rates since 2003, the entire year the Florida Legislature passed sweeping reforms from the employeescompensation system. Ever since then, the cumulative average rate decrease is much more than 63 percent.

For lawn maintenance companies, the speed reduction news is better still because there is a 16.9 % reduction in the 2009 rate. The classification code for landscape maintenance services is number 9102 and also the 2010 rate for your classification is 3.49 dollars for each a hundred dollars of remuneration. The speed in ’09 with this class code was 4.$ 20. This classification of employees includes a total rate loss of 71 percent because the 2003 rates.

Landscape installation companies also received a bigger rate decrease compared to condition average. Companies that install sod, plant shrubbery and trees, and provide other services connected with installing new landscapes are ranked in Florida underneath the 0042 classification code. This Years rate with this employees comp classification is 6.36 dollars. This comes down to a ten.five percent decrease in the 2009 rate.

Companies that install irrigation systems assign individuals employees towards the 5183 classification code. That class code received a 7.five percent decrease and also the 2010 rates are 4.75 dollars.

Tree trimming companies weren’t as fortunate because the other kinds of landscape designs service companies pointed out above. The classification code for tree trimming services is number 0106 and also the new rates are 13.31 dollars. This rate marks a couple.7 percent rate increase with this classification of employees. There’s still a 67.3 % decrease because the 2003 rates, that is over the average.

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2010 Employees Compensation Insurance Costs For Florida Lawn Care Companies

2010 Employees Compensation Insurance Costs For Florida Lawn Care Companies